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PDF document generation from CG54

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Hi, I have a requirement to display the released reports in CG54 in PDF format, can this be done with std settings or function module. PLease let me know.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Navaneeth

answer is: no. you need to do something but you will use SAP Standard functionality.

By standard the documents are created as WWI (which is internally RTF). Now if you check CG50/CG54 and select one report (material master view) the "final" report is generated using your local WWI client and once again it is a Word document.

Now you have many options to deal with this demand. Many companies etc are providing "addons" for WinWord. So that after you (that means the user) has received the WWI document on the client it can be easily transformed into PDF. Pro: easily done; con: the transformation is done very often !

In CG50/CG54 you could use a "userExit" to do the whole job in the background; you would mark one to many WWI documents start the Exit and receive on client level the final document as PDF. In my opinion perferred option

Many companies use the "EXP_CALL" functionalitiy to generate PDF. The reason ist "simple" in some sense. Not only your "local" user would like to have PDFs. PDF is an international document standard and many companies prepare Web portals there you can then download as a registered user PDF document (like MSDS)). Therefore if you prepare a Web Portal you can support external and internal partners and you need only to make sure that the portal get new and updated documents etc.

The main issue is that in CG50/CG4 you need to select material master and then you will see the final report (chapter one, logo etc.). Using substance master you have only the "raw report" in your hands. Therefore you can not generate "immediately" a PDF file (as released report).

Hope this helps.

With best regards


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