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PCO 2.1 and SAP MII 12.1 - Custom Agent Development

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  Good Day ,

  We need to develop a custom PCO agent that will connect to a
driver that we wrote and query the driver for information. The driver is a
webserviced enabled driver thus it publishes a wsdl etc.

  Now it is easy accessing this from the c# environment and extracting
the information.

  However the comms from SAP MII is what I have the question
about. When setting up the PCO agent one can select Tag Queries and Custom

  Now how would I go about using the custom query to then invoke
the required web service call in the driver that we developed ?

  In the Past writing a UDC connector you could expose functions
which would be available a  mode by querying
the mode list, and then pass the required parameters through.

But how would this work with PCO 2.1 and MII 12.1 ?

  All samples that I have seen up to now only shows tag based
queries, which in this case would not work for us.


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Answers (2)

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The problem is that we would like to use the the PCO event notification actions thus the reason using PCO

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why not just use the MII Webservice Action Block directly from within the MII transaction?

- Steve