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Outsourced Maintenance- Capturing costs in PM Maintenance orders through Ariba SES

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In Our scenario, the maintenance is fully outsourced and we have a contract in place. There will be one single Release order per month for fixed amount against this contract to the contractor. Our maintenance plan generates min 300 maintenance work orders (PM04 and PM05) types. Contractor creates Service Entry sheet against the release order via Ariba.

1. How can we distribute the cost across all the preventive maintenance orders created through the maintenance plan?

We tried to add outline agreement in the work orders but it generates a PR (of course we can avoid this). But we want to assign these work orders against the release order created.

The challenge we are facing is, 1. How to enter all the 300+ maintenance orders in the release order? ( this can be done by adding 300+ line items or service lines for one PO item but its a tedious task).

2. Is there anyway, that the cost can be proportionately (based on the workhours) be transferred to these work orders from the SES

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