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Occupational Health scenario

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Hi Team,

Please write me steps involved in "Occupational Health scenario".

What are the T-Codes.

What master data is required.


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Purpose to have Occupational Health is to follow zero-harm-to-the-workforce approach. This can be achieved by regular examination and testing of employees to ascertain and maintain their health. These examinations are carried out by professional medical personnel, on all those who will be exposed to risks in the working environment.

EHS-Occupational Health helps in maintaining this.

Prerequisite for Occupational health are :

You must have installed the following SAP components in order to be able to use all the Occupational Health functions:

 Personnel Administration

You require master data from the Personnel Administration component such as name, first name, date of birth, and personnel number (for the United States, you also need the social security number) in order to use employee data.

 Organizational Management

The system uses organizational units (object types) from organiszational Management to assign agents to persons in the basic data component. You must therefore make sure that positions, jobs, and tasks are created there.

 Recruitment

You need master data from Recruitment such as name and first name in order to use applicant data.

 SAP Business Partner

You need master data from the Business Partner component such as name and first name in order to use data for external persons (for example, customers, health centre).

The typical high level steps involved are :

1.Create Health surveillance protocol (EHSVU01)

To ensure that all the persons in the company receive the protocols that are necessary for them, you either have the system assign the protocols automatically, or you assign them manually to the relevant persons.

2.Create Examination (EHSVU11)

To display all the persons who have to undergo a health surveillance protocol within a certain period (for example, in the next four weeks) and open a medical service for each of these persons. Scheduling is used to plan the appointments for the examinations.

3.Performing Medical services (EHSSERV / EHSAMBTAET)

When the person appears for a consultation in health center, results are entered along with diagnoses, reservations, and all other data required for the examination in the medical service for the person.

4.Injury / Illness management (CBIH72)

For reporting of statistical injury and occupational illness information

Hope this information is useful to you.