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NOTICHK: Block PO Item automatically upon Save

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Hi All,

I am using Substance Volume Tracking (NOTICHK)  for import scenarios. I want

set a block on PO item level once a material is not marketbable.

SAP delivers function module CBRC_PUR_DOCUMENT_BLOCK, but it only

issues a user dialog suggesting that the PO item block is set manually.

We want SVT to set the block automatically.

When saving a purchase order with a substance quantity threshold

exceeded, module CBRC_PUR_DOCUMENT_BLOCK is executed twice. During the

second run, import parameter I_EBELN is filled with the PO number, but

it does not exist on the database yet (tables EKKO and EKPO). Could you

please advise how to access the PO data before it is written to the


I was thinking to have a report scan the PO items and set the block by a program,but i rather have it done upon saving.



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Dear Peter

may be check:



We do not use the "block" option in SVT; but customizing etc. allows to replace: CBRC_PUR_DOCUMENT_BLOCK

by customer specific one. I assume with the help of some consultant you could "rearrange" code etc. to block automatic.

May be check once again:

Chapter " Online Checks" and the OSS mentioned here (Note 1263281)

and may be:

Chapter "BAdI Implementations for Online Check"

May be this helps to go on