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Non sequential Decision Point Processing

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We're on PPM 6.1 and would like to process decision point in non sequential manner. We're aware about the non sequential phase processing, which can be enable using by setting value for area 0012 setting name 0002 in Override Default Global Setting.

e.g. Portfolio item A has decision point A1,B1,C1. Sometimes instead of closing A1 we may start decision point B1. Or chances are also there where we may not start decision point B1 at all instead go to C1 and in B1 give some details about skipping it. Meanwhile Decision point A1,B1 and C1 remains open and allow changing there statuses/details.

So are there any BADI/Switch setting are there for the same?



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Did you manage to find the solution for the issue, as i am facing the same issue with my client for parallelly processing of decision point

how did you managed to resolve it

Thanks and Regards

Simon Walter