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Non relevent chagnes in SDS weekly report in EHS

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How to include non- relevent changes in weekly report in EHS??

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Hi Chandra

Can you elaborate your question please. It is not much clear.



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Hi, Vikram.,the above question is related to Change Request in SDS.

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Hello Chandra

your topic is still not clear.

Any "change" in data is a "not relevant" change. Normally the user must check the relevancy indicagtor than its is a relevant change; if you have done a set up of EH&S using the automatic regeneration of reports such a relevant change should give rise to a newly generated report (it seems to be that you are using the corresponding job scheduled once a week).

Changes which are not relevant are not supported by this process (therfore no new report is generated automatically).

The user can normally create any time a report. If some data is "relevanT" (which will belater part of the report) in most chases you will get a "change mark" and the system propose a "relevant change" Depending on your EH&S Setp normally the "last status" in the status net is "fisihsed (i believe) and then the user must release (depending on set up of your generation variant)

With best regards