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No values in assignment tab

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Dear all,

When i am trying to edit specification data for a substance I am not finding any values in value assignments under physical chemical properties . What I am I missing ?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Rajaram,

If you are using Standerd property Tree then please check the following,

In SPRO for "Set up Property Tree" check the following setting,

Level Value Assignment Type


3 SAP_EHS_1013_001

3 SAP_EHS_1013_003

3 SAP_EHS_1013_005

3 SAP_EHS_1013_008

3 SAP_EHS_1013_009

3 SAP_EHS_1013_010

3 SAP_EHS_1013_013

3 SAP_EHS_1013_016

3 SAP_EHS_1013_019

3 SAP_EHS_1013_021

3 SAP_EHS_1013_022

3 SAP_EHS_1013_026

3 SAP_EHS_1013_028

3 SAP_EHS_1013_037

then RUn Set Up Table-Based Value Assignment

then and then it will reflect in the Property Tree.

if you have create your own properyt tree, then you have to add these value assignment in that property tree and then RUn Set Up Table-Based Value Assignment

I hope you will find this helpful.

If my answer is satisfactory, Please grant me the points.


Amol Joshi

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Hi Amol,

Thanks for your timely help.



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Hi Rajaram,

if my answer is satisfactory, request you to please grant me the points.

Thanking You,


Amol Joshi

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Rajaram,

Also check wheter to all classed under this Phy Chem Propeties, below characterstics are assigned or not


SAP_EHS_1013_001_VALUE State of Matter

SAP_EHS_1013_001_EC_TEMP_PREC Precision

SAP_EHS_1013_001_EC_TEMP Temperature

SAP_EHS_1013_001_EC_PRESS_PREC Accuracy

SAP_EHS_1013_001_EC_PRESSURE Pressure


SAP_EHS_1013_003_PREC Accuracy

SAP_EHS_1013_003_VALUE Value

SAP_EHS_1013_003_EC_TEMP_PREC Accuracy

SAP_EHS_1013_003_EC_TEMP Temperature

SAP_EHS_1013_003_DECOMPOSITION Decomposition

SAP_EHS_1013_003_METHOD Method

SAP_EHS_1013_003_GLP GLP

SAP_EHS_1013_003_REMARK Remarks


SAP_EHS_1013_005_PREC Accuracy

SAP_EHS_1013_005_VALUE Value

SAP_EHS_1013_005_EC_TEMP_PREC Accuracy

SAP_EHS_1013_005_EC_TEMP Temperature

SAP_EHS_1013_005_PRESSURE_PREC Accuracy

SAP_EHS_1013_005_EC_PRESSURE Pressure

SAP_EHS_1013_005_METHOD Method

SAP_EHS_1013_005_GLP GLP

SAP_EHS_1013_005_REMARK Remarks


SAP_EHS_1013_008_VALUE Color


SAP_EHS_1013_009_VALUE Form


SAP_EHS_1013_010_VALUE Odor


SAP_EHS_1013_013_MEDIUM Solvent

SAP_EHS_1013_013_PREC Accuracy

SAP_EHS_1013_013_VALUE Value

SAP_EHS_1013_013_EC_TEMP_PREC Accuracy

SAP_EHS_1013_013_EC_TEMP Temperature

SAP_EHS_1013_013_METHOD Method

SAP_EHS_1013_013_GLP GLP

SAP_EHS_1013_013_DESCRIPTION Qualitative Description

SAP_EHS_1013_013_REMARK Remarks


SAP_EHS_1013_016_PREC Accuracy

SAP_EHS_1013_016_SOLUTE Quantity

SAP_EHS_1013_016_EC_TEMP_PREC Accuracy

SAP_EHS_1013_016_EC_TEMP Temperature

SAP_EHS_1013_016_EC_PRESS_PREC Accuracy

SAP_EHS_1013_016_EC_PRESS Pressure

SAP_EHS_1013_016_METHOD Method

SAP_EHS_1013_016_GLP GLP

SAP_EHS_1013_016_REMARK Remarks


SAP_EHS_1013_019_VALUE_PREC Accuracy

SAP_EHS_1013_019_VALUE pH Value

SAP_EHS_1013_019_QUANTITY_PREC Accuracy

SAP_EHS_1013_019_SOL_QUANTITY Concentration

SAP_EHS_1013_019_CONC_NS_PREC Accuracy

SAP_EHS_1013_019_CONC_NS Conc. in Non-Standard Unit

SAP_EHS_1013_019_CONC_NS_UNIT Non-Standard Unit

SAP_EHS_1013_019_TEMP_PREC Accuracy

SAP_EHS_1013_019_EC_TEMP Temperature

SAP_EHS_1013_019_METHOD Method

SAP_EHS_1013_019_GLP GLP

SAP_EHS_1013_019_REMARK Remarks

and so on....

I hope you will find this helpful.

If my answer is satisfactory, Please grant me the points.


Amol Joshi