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NC Disposition via SAPME PAPI: Find Disposition Options

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We have an automated process where serval NCs can be logged via PAPI interface (CreateNC request) without disposition directly afterwards. This can be different NC codes with different dispositions. Later on the disposition for a certain NC should be done. Here the 1st step would be the request findDispositionOptions to get the right dispositionGroupMemberRef for the disposition request. Here the Input of the NCDATA BO is not considered. The findDispositionOptions request delivers all possible dispositions without considering the right NC.


Has anyone faced a smilar problem in the past? Have you been able to solve it?

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In your example, the system returned 2 Disp options in response to a single NcDataBO, however, you are saying "request delivers all possible dispositions" - does it mean that in your system you have only those 2 options for the entire site? If so, where are the rest of predefined Disposition functions - have you deleted them manually? if not, then it looks as if the system returned those 2 options out of many possible for some reason that is likely defined by the setup of your NC Code.

However, if it happened the method does not take NcDataBO into account indeed, then I would see this as a bug. And then you would submit a support ticket with a detailed description of the scenario and setup so that we can fix the issue.




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Hello Sergiy,

thanks for you quick answer!

Regarding "request delivers all possible dispositions": no - this was only related to the options for the selected SFC coming from the two NC records on it. As the NcDataBO of the request has not been taken into account in the PAPI response I have opened a SAP ticket.

Best Regards