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Multiple Phrase creation with same description during DG filling

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          We are in a real crunch situation right now. While running DG filling we have a strange case where for one material with 10 regulations updated in DG master during filling but around 2800 phrases got created against DG description with same description. Has anyone ever faced this issue before. Need real quick help..

e.g. Material A with regluation ADG and ADR with UN listed substance as Adhesive. Now run DGE5. Filling completed and DG master created with 2 regulations ADG and ADR. But 2800 phrase created with description in english as Adhesive.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Rohan

the generation of the phrases is related to existing identifiers (on several objects); the DG filling need "assigned" regulatory lists to the identifiers to do the job "correct". May be the identifiers are not set up correctly and therefore the system is generating to many phrases (this is only a guess). On the top may be the "usage" of the identifiers need to be checked.

Can you please check deeper? Does it happen only in context of "one" material - REAL_SUB relation ?


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