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Multiple insance of same transaction (asynchronous mode)

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I created a structured service composed by:

- a master transaction executed every 10 minutes which runs several instances (30) of a slave transaction with Asynchronous mode

- a slave transaction with duration between 1 minute and 3 minutes.

I found that

- master transaction complete its task in 10 seconds and runs all 30 instances of slave transactions (asynchronous)

- 18 slave transactions start at once

- 12 slave transactions remain in pendig status till first group finishes

Have you ever found this behaviour?

Is this 18 a fixed limit or a MII parameter? Where could I change it?

Thanks a lot



ps: MII 12.2, netweaver 7.3

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Hello Fabio,

Transactions launched asynchronously are handled by MII via JMS and EJB.

You may be able to adapt the behavior in such execution, but it may affect directly the system performance.

I suggest you to check section 'Transactions stuck in PENDING state' of MII handbook.

Please keep in mind that performance tests are necessary if you modify those values.

Hope it helps !

Please let us know the results.

Best regards,


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I read the article and it was very helpful.

Before to chage MII parameters, I would prefer to change the software inserting a part of code where I check if there are any pending transaction.

Is there any service call useful for this? I tryed some calls from

but none seems the right.

Do you have any idea?

Thanks a lot


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Hi Raphael,

this parameters are part of Salvatores performance settings:

(page 21)

so fabio should do the settings and should be good to go.


P.S. Obviously I was wrong with my guess. But this setting is also limited to 30 which fits to what fabio is seing.

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Hi Matthias

I'm using a Windows server 2008 R2 with 8GB of RAM an 2 application servers

I'll change soon PercentageOfParallelismAllowed from 30 to 50.

Do you think that I can increase also ExecutorPoolMaxSize? or is better to change other settings (example: to adapt all tags described in page 21 of document suggested by you)?

Thanks a lot