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MSDS sheet printing within SAP

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Hi all

We ae a chemical company and are using a 3rd party system ChemGes for printing MSDS sheets. I would like to know if SAP EH and S funtionality has the capability to meet compliance requiements. In short can it perform the funtions of ChemGes

thanks a lot

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Now offering high quality Safety Data Sheet (SDS/MSDS) Service:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please see our service listed below for your kind reference.

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Dept. of Transportation (DOT)

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)

Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH)

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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I have done a small research regarding ChemGes (which I did not know). Therefore this is my short answer:

in principle you can use SAP EH&S to do the same as in ChemGes (which can generate MSDS and distrbute them, generate labels and standard operating procedures).

The main issue is the word "in principle". SAP EH&S is part of SAP therefore you need a SAP license. Further more it is integrated in the SAP Logistic. So to use EH&S you need to do further some set up in some other SAP Modules (to generate a MSDS mainly MM and SD).

Taking a look at the description if found regarding ChemGes my assumption would be that your budget will not be enough to use EH&S. In any case. The SAP EH&S is completely (nearly) empty so you can not create immediately a MSDS: Regarding his topic a number of providers are providing you additional product to

a.) generate MSDS

b.) use rulesets (to calculate GHS and Transportregulaiton etc. etc.)

Therefore an additional licence fee is necessary.

My assupmtion in reading the information of the provider of ChemGes would be that you can generate this year in addition a REACH eSDS etc.

Back to the beginig: technically EH& Scan be used to do a lot of things. Take a look here to get an overview:

But If you scan the SAP help you will find topics like this:

SAP emphasizes that this component (Here EH&S SVT) is only an example for the tracking of substance volumes. SAP does not therefore guarantee that the functions delivered comply with specific regulations such as the European Parliament and Council Directive on the Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH).

Therefore SAP provides you only the software and nothing else. This is nearly the same like with Microsoft. They provide EXCEL or whatsoever but any macro and document template etc.must be created by yourself and you are responsible to maintain these "addons". Therefore many companies which use EH&S use a so called data provider or privider in general to get "content".

With best regards


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