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MII - PCO Error while Creating Data Server in MII of connector type 'PCoConnector'

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Hi Experts,

We have installed SAP MII 12.2 one one machine and SAP PCO 2.2 on seperate machine and when creating a data server of type 'PCoConnector' in MII we are getting the error:

[C0000A03202E2D2D0000000200001558] Error occurred while fetching registered PCo systems from SLD

We have succesfully registered PCo system in SLD on PCo Management Console as per the folliwing link.

However, as per the following link when we are trying to Add a PCo System via SLD in PCo

we gotthe following error:

[Severity = NonFatal] Unable to connect to system [thc-sappco]: check it is started and reachable from current host

This error was solved using SAP Note 1680651 and we were successfull in adding a PCo System via SLD.

Now when we come to the MII Part and try to create a data server of type 'PCoConnector' by selecting the radio button 'Get registered PCo instance from SLD' then we are still recieving the first error mentioned in this conversation.

[C0000A03202E2D2D0000000200001558] Error occurred while fetching registered PCo systems from SLD

However, when we select the first radio button in the above screen shot which is 'Enter the URL to the PCo instance manually' then we successfully move ahead.

Now the main issue is that we are not getting any PCo agent and hence we are not able to compelete step of creating the Data Server of type 'PCoConnector' in MII

However, on the PCo side we have successfully created the agents and it is showing okay (green) in both PCo Management Console as well as in PCo Remote Client as shown in the below screen shots.

Any help in this regard would be highly appreciated.



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Answers (2)

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I am also facing the same issue

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Hi Michel,

Use the PCo Management URL in any browser and check whether that is giving the WSDL of PCo management service.

If yes then check the proxy settings in the System Administration of MII.

also have a look at this thread:


Rohit Negi

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Were you able to solve this issue, as i am also facing the same issue. If yes can you please share the details of how did u resolve.