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MII OEE – Goods Movement (101) not transferred from MII (OEE Dashboard) to ERP

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Hello Experts

We are configuring MII OEE for one of our customers. We are working on Confirmation of Final Operation where the Goods Receipt should be posted in ERP.

In our scenario, we have customized in ERP for Automatic Goods Receipt during the final operation. But somehow the goods movement is not getting posted in ERP. When checked the RequestXML in the Queue monitor for the respective message (ORDER_CONFIRM_BAPI) and observed the Quantity information not flowing for the Movement type 101 along with other details.

We also observed the consumption (Movement type 261) is getting posted without any problem, since have the Backflush indicator in the Order.

We are currently in MII 15.2 SP 003(Patch 4) and OEE 15.2 SP003 (Patch 3).

Kindly support us

Thanks & Regards,


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HI Mugunthan,

I believe you are using the standard ORDER_CONFIRM_BAPI workflow. in such case, check at the final operation if some quantity is pending to report to ERP. if there are no pending yield to be confirmed, standard OEE will not trigger it. probably this is the reason.


Mahalakshmi Syamsunder

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Have you found any solution.