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Migrate WWI and Expert Rules to new server

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Does anyone have any "best practice" document or information related to migrating WWI and Expert rules from an existing server to a new server? The "cookbook" provided in SAP Note for WWI installation does not mention anything regarding "re-install" or "migration.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Thomas,

I do not have a document available for you, but I would do it like this:

  • Make sure you have the same Word Version installed on both PCs

  • Make sure the word settings are the same (Trusted Locations / Macro Security etc.)

  • Make sure you have the same printers/printer drivers and default printer definied on both PCs

  • Copy WWI and Expert Folder from one PC to the other to the same location

  • Make sure you have the same PATH Variables defined on both PCs

  • Makre sure DCOM settings are the same of MS Word and Adobe

  • If you send PDFs make sure Adobe Reader and the tool you use to create PDFs is installed on both PCs the exact same way

  • SetUp the Windows Services for EH&S Management Server, WWI and Expert on the new server exactly the way they have been on the old server.

If your new PC has a different OS or newer Office Version I would do a complete new installation via the EH&S Management Server / CGSADM. Make sure to copy your Rules files and Graphics from the old PC to the new PC.

Hope this helps


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Hello Thomas

regarding WWI Server normally in most cases you never migrate (we have never done that in the past) but simply set up a new one. Regarding Expert Server: What is your business case? The Expert Server is an instance on some maschine linked to SAP via RFC destination. Therefore in most cases either there is a new version of "Expert" available (like WWI and therefore you need to do something. To my understanding in most cases I would try to "save" the expert rules (which are saved to my understanding open the Expert server) then set up a new Expert Server and write back the "rules.

I do know only the cookbook you have mentioned and the "normal" documentation of SAP regarding EHS OCC as well as EHS Expert Server.

May be someone different does have experience in "migration" an Expert Server

With best regards


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