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Mass Item Upload to create PS Project from rpm_dx_Item

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I need to upload mass items and create PS Project from rpm_dx_item

The data template was downloaded from the t-code and filled the information accordingly

The Object link settings was maintained for 0RPMPSPROJECT Project Definition (PS) and for 0RPMPSWBSELEMNT WBS Element (PS)

When i try to upload through the rpm_dx_item, the status shows success but the data is not available in /RPM/Item_D table

Is there any settings which are missing

Thanks and Regards


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Hi Simon,

Check again if all the data filled in file are in proper format and valid.

If you finds data are ok, try creating an item manually with the same data to check the data accuracy.

Also, I believe that program (RPM_DX_ITEM) is only to upload/create multiple items at once; NOT for auto-project creation in SAP PS.

Because, if you try creating an item manually; you will find the fields to select 'Project Template' and 'Create Project on Saving'. Whereas, when you try creating multiple items all together; you will find those fields to choose and without that a cProject/PS project cannot be created automatically.

This is my observation and understanding.

Further, you can check with SAP.

Moreover, you can check the following relevant Customization for automatic PS project.

1. Link to Project System setting in Define Portfolio Item Types

2. Map Item Template to Project Template or PS Project

3. Map Item Type to Project or PS

4. Define Object Link Types

5. Define DFM Object Link Types