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Mapping of home furniture and beddings in SAP PM


Hi PM experts,

Need advise on a scenario. My client is into real estate and hotel business. They lease furnished flats with all furniture like table , chairs, bed and electronics gadgets e.g. Fridge, TV , Gyser , Mixer etc to tenant. Now the scenario is -

1. They want to map these items in SAP PM and issue in name of Tenant. For flat we can map as Func Location and electronic gadgets we can map as an equipment. But the problem is with Furniture i.e. table , chair and small items like bucket , mugs , kitchen wares, beddings , pillows , towels etc , where no demarkation or numbering is available. How to map these items in SAP PM.

2. In case if there is any fault in any of these items , these need to be replaced. In such case , which trasaction need to be run to dismantle these from the Floc (e.g. Flat). I was considering using IE4N but the challenge is , it need the serial number managed material and second issue is we can dismatle one equipment only at a time. This is time consuming. Is there a better way?

A quick reponse will be much appreciated.

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Hi Dennis,

you can use material numbers to buy these things and serial numbers identify the single pieces or as an alternative use the equipment number to identify them or synchronize serial numbers and equipment number, but this depends on your the sum of your business requirements.

So, serial numbers are not required, but an option.

Best Regards


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Thanks Klaus,

Take an example of bedsheets. There is a storage location , holding the stock of bedsheets. Assume we have taken these bedsheets GR with serial number and hence all the bedsheets are having a serial number allocated.

Now I want to issue a bedsheet to one of the flat (Func loc). How can i issue this (material + serial number) directly to Floc. I understand that either we have to create the Equipment master for each bedsheet and install this to Floc. This seems not a right practice as Bedsheet, Bucket , Mugs etc are petty items having less value and a high frequency of change. In case of maintaining these as serialized equipment , every time I need to install or dismantle it from Floc. Which would be a tedious task (also creating and deleting -setting DLFL an Equipment master frequently will again a tedious task for business for such items) .

(Note: - I need to track the inventory of my items also e.g How many has been issued against a flat from Storage location and on which date)

Else i need to create a BoM for Floc having all these material as component. But in this case too, since BOM is a master data , it's not good to make any direct change whenever a component is gettign added or removed or replaced, rather it must be done via some trasaction like IE4N. So i don't think BOM is releavant option.

I want to understand , if I maintain it as Material with serial number, is there a process where I can create a workorder for such material issuance or removal from Flat (Floc) and while executing the trasaction the components should be replaced / added in backend by system , rather someone to go and change it manually (example- something like IE4N).

Thank you.