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Making Changes to Specifications

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Hello All,

Here's my question. For a real substance, I entered values to the property tree characteristics and in the 'Status Tab' made the staus to Released with validity from today to 15 days in advance. When I go on the 20th day to make changes to these values, the values are greyed out and it does not let me make changes. I have tried this both the ways with and without Change numbers. How to make this working?,

thanks in advance,


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Hi Sachin, The status maintained "Released" is final status, and if you release it with valididty for 15 days, that menas you can edit within 15 days, after that it will be final released and cannot be changed any data, Instead you can create intermediate statuses, where you can edit even after elapsing valididty time.



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Hello Sachin

in using the "Status" on specification header you have the "option" to "hinder" changes etc. Now SAP is delivering a basic "Status net".

According to Standard set up of SAP EH&S this net is used:

For Release <=> Released <=> Non Critical Change <=> In Process <=> For Release

Now in most cases you should have prepared a suitable access concept. Therefore the user must be able to "change" the "Status". Now in my opinion as ex plained yet by Kesahv you need to change the status from "Released" to "Non Critical Change". If you have perfomed a suitable set up of the status net (access concept!) the user should now be able to change the data as required. Afte r the change has been done a "good idea" would be to change once again the status so that you finalize yor maintenance activities with the statsu "Released".

With best regards


PS: I have no idea how the use of change numbers interact with the "status" of the specifiation. You must understand the follwoing:

A Change number does have a "special" purpose. That means in most cases you will enter data wich are valid in two months.

Now in your case you have prepared from my point of view a "special" situation. That means you are using "change numbers" in connection with the "Status". This interaction is quite complex (based on the "type" of "change number" you are using) and I have no experoince here how the system "reacts".

The use of Change numbers in EHS is "quite" complex and not only in the "interaction" with the status is not easy. The same is true regarding "Restriction" etc.

Edited by: Christoph Bergemann on Feb 5, 2011 11:40 AM