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Logic of Identifier conservion (IDENT -> IDENTNM of ESTRI)

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Hi there.

I have a question about the t

I tried to search a substance with an identifier in CG02, so I entered some information about type, category and identifier like following screen.

(There are som Korean in this pic, though...)

As you know, after I entered the data and hit the search button, the system would read IDENT filed of ESTRI table.

And also, I guess, the system would convert the IDENT data (vcm-vcm123) to IDENTNM data (like VCMVCM123).

There are some logics of this activity - like chainging to UPPER CLASS, and delete special letter (like -, *).

So, I want to know wheather a specific function about this exsists or not.

If the function already existed, let me know what it is. Or just let me know how I can find the function effectively.

Thank you.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I found a function module 'C147_STRING_NORMALIZE_GENERIC'.

This function is very useful converting IDENT to IDENTNM.

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Dear all

this functionlity is realized e.g. as a form routine in one include of SAP EH&S. The function module referred above is part of the logic. This functionality is "core" EH&S and used very often (during searching, maintaining, import etc.). It is part of "old" logic (like C1F2 function group) and part of new logic (C1F5).

E.g.: function modules:




can be used to "search" for identifiers

and e.g. C1F5_SPECIFICATIONS_MODIFY can be used to write identifiers.  (may be refer to:

What are you really looking for? What is the intention of your question?


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