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Latest Goal Management - Character Limitation on Name and Metric

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i haveread, thar in the latest version of Goal Management, the fields have character restrictions.
We use the Name and Metric fields. In both fields we have data that exceeds the limit. The Goal Plan and Development Plan is integrated into the Performance Management form.

Will the characters that are above the character limit in the Name and Metric fields be displayed in full on the plans and especially in the Performance Management form after the changeover of the Goal and Development Plan, or is the display limited and data is lost for the user in the display?

I have understood that the limitation is enforced when the goals are changed. What is relevant for me is the pure display of the data after the changeover, especially in the form.

Thanks for your help


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We have just turned on the new goal management in our test system and we incredibly disappointed that this new "feature" has not been communicated by SAP properly. There's no good one source of information from SAP. Instead you have to find random influence tickets, blog posts, help documentation which we did. Even then we didn't come across anything about the reduced character limit.

Does anyone know if you leave old goal plans not "refreshed" in November will they automatically upgrade and everyone will lose half their historical objectives?! Or could we live everything historical not upgraded and lose nothing?

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We are in the same situation that we have to change our form layout for our employees because of the byte limits so that we can continue to display critical rating information. We have also found that this restriction is actually bytes, and not characters. So, spaces, tabs, carriage returns, etc are counted. Any formatting like bullets are counted as multiple bytes. I found an influence ticket that asks for each relevant character to be counted as a single character. Please vote if it is applicable to you:

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