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Label printing by GLM: Determination of countries in delivery scenario

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Hi all,

In GLM transaction CBGL_MP01, for delivery scenario, I have a question regarding the way to get back the countries according to the delivery number.

Actually in my system, once I filled my delivery number, the system retrieves the country of :

- my shipping point

- the route

- the ship to party

I would like to have only the country of my shipping point and country of my ship to party. I don't need to have the country of my route.

How can I do that in the system? Is there a standard solution? (function modul,...) or do I need to create a specific solution?

Thanks for your help


Edited by: Ludovic Roux on Dec 1, 2011 5:36 PM

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Ludo,

the GLM standard is working like you described it in your thread. There is an user exit and a BAdI where you can overwrite the data that will be read from your delivery note.

The data determination of the delivery scenario is implemented as an user exit.

(Transaction SPRO -> EH&S -> Product Safety -> GLM - > Specify Labeling Scenarios.

Mark the scenario "Delivery" and hit the detail button. The parameter "FM for Data Determ." contains the user exit. There is a default implementation of this user exit from SAP "CBGL_LB71_DELIVERY_MATDATA_GET".

Within that default implemenation is a BAdI "EHS_GLM_BADI_003". I would suggest to implement this BAdI and adapt the values of the parameter X_COUNTRY_TAB.



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Hello Mike,

Thank you for your reply.

I implemented the badi and effectively I find my countries in the parameter X_COUNTRY_TAB.

I will going to use this solution and add a specific in the Badi in order to not take into account the country of my route.



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