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Issue during transfer of inspection result recording with inspection points in DM

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Hello DM experts,

we currently have the issue that after creating an inspection point in DM and recording our inspection results and transferring them to the S/4HANA system (chart 1), we receive the following error message (chart 2):

Chart 1: Recording and Transfering Inspection Results:



Chart 2: Error Message - Inspection Results Recording:



We have also noticed that the valuation status does not change to accepted after we update it (chart 3). Not even after we have completed the order.

Chart 3: Status of valuation:


The user field combinations in DM and in the S/4HANA system are maintained and identical.

The transfer of inspection results without using inspection points is also successful.

I would be grateful for any advice!

BR Gizem

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Hi Gizem,

The Error "Set either the acceptance or the rejection indicator" is from the BAPI BAPI_INSPOPER_RECORDRESULTS when doing results recording.
You may need to check below settings in your ERP.
1) Please make sure the Upper/Lower limits are maintained. If Upper/Lower limit is missing, and you are trying to compare the results, the characteristic result can not be evaluated. 

2) You may check the reasonable unit in inspection characteristic and sample size, make sure the conversion factor between them.

Hope it can help you.

Please let me know, if you need further support.

Best Regards,