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Information on Subsatnce Volume Tracking

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Hi ,

Can somebody give me the basic concept of substance volume tracking ? I have a scenario if a company has register for x tons for consumping a particular substance Y in a year. In the market there are various variant of materials are available for the particular substance. The company can purchase and consump any type of material which is avaialble in the market.

My question , The threshold value that we are providing in the SM, is it applicable to only one material or to all the materials which belongs to the substance (Y).

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DP Singh

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Hi, SVT is combining SD data (on material basis) with EH&S data (on substance basis). All logistic processes are working with materials. All EH&S - and this includes SVT - processes are based on substances.

The link between SD and EH&S is the specificaton, in which you assign n materials to one specification. This can only be a n:1 relationship, your data model is incorrect if you assign one material to more than one specification.

Each material has to be classified as SVT relevant. This is the trigger for the SD procceses of sales, distribution and production of materials. Using the link of the material assignment in the specification, the standard composition of the relevant materials is found. This is the trigger for the substance based SVT.

In SVT customizing you can define threshold values. Online and offline checks of SVT are verifying against these values and create warnings and process blocks, based on the registered tonnage for each substance. Moreover, all data is archived for later analysis.

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