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Indicator for Integrated Planning

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Dear All,

As you can see we have some information about project Integrated Planning, but this from SAP.

My question is that do you have example to help understand from notes from SAP?

If we have indicator for Integrated Planning, what's the meaning and what will affect the planning cost and so on?


Notes from SAP

Indicator for Integrated Planning

This indicator specifies whether an order/project participates in integrated planning or not. You define this per project profile for projects in Customizing:

For orders, you can store a default value in the order type, which you can change in the order master data when required.

Activity inputs planned in a plan-integrated order/project are updated directly on the sending cost center if 'Integrated planning with Cost Center Accounting' is activated in the version. You can then also settle plan-integrated orders/projects to cost centers.

Plan data is passed on to the profit center and the extended general ledger if both 'Integrated planning with Cost Center Accounting' and the "Integrated planning" indicator are activated in the version.


Changing the "Integrated Planning" indicator

You can change the "Integrated planning" indicator at a later date under the following conditions:

  • Unit costing was never performed on the job affected. That is, no unit costing was carried out, even if it was later undone.
  • Planning data was never entered on the job.


if planning data was entered, then

    • All plan values and -quantities from internal allocations must be zero. Data from primary cost planning is possible.
    • The "Integrated planning" indicator may not be set in the fiscal year- dependent data from the plan version.
    • No plan line items may exist.






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Hi JoneZL

Being very simplistic, when you plan internal labor through activity type and cost centers, this planning will be integrated with cost center planning. This planned work is also "seen" in the cost center.

Marcio Blos

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Dear Marcio, thanks for your reply. I see that we use ECP will not allow to use integrated planning.