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Include template with graphic symbol in a Text box

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We have many labels that share common code, including pictogram
graphics. We are using include templates to share the common code.

Include templates for pictogram graphics were created and placed in the
label text boxes. In the include the graphic syntax specifies automatic sizing.

When generating the label, the include template
retrieves the graphic, but the graphic is not sized to fit the size of
the text box in the label.

If include templates are not used in the label text box, the graphic is
properly sized based on the size of the text box.

Is this a bug or normal behavior?

Is there a way to make the sizing of the graphic fit the size of the
text box when template includes are used for graphics using expansion mode method?

Thank You



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The sizing of graphics coming from includes is currently not fully supported.

Workaround is to change WWI.INI file on the WWI server and your layouting workstation as follows:

in section [Global]

switch on: InsGraphicByWord=1

Downside is, that inserting graphics will be a little bit slower.

Functionality will be available with WWI SP30.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Raynald,

as far as I know the sizing doesn't work on includes within a textbox. You will have to include the whole code of the include in the textbox.


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Hi Raynald,

It is working fine for me, fitting to the text box size by using below -

(G1)<11BRG028(M,DCC_EHS_5000_001;*)><01GDE5_DE506(G;1)[SZ:A;D:WHMIS pictograms]><11ERG028>

This is just for an example - have a trial.