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Idoc from EH&S tables

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We need to send idocs with data from the EH&S tables (like ESTVA). I can't find any standard SPA idocs in WE30 for this purpose. Anyone can tell me which ones they are if any?

Many thanks!

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In your distribution model, you want to use 'Add BAPI', then select:

Obj. name/interface = 'Substance'

Method = 'SavRepMul'

Pay attention to Christoph's message regarding consistency of dependent master data.  You will need the same phrases, value assignment types, classes and characteristics, data origins, and general configuration of the specDB.  Also pay attention to the number ranges for the specification number.

If you also need to transfer prhases via ALE, that uses another BAPI in the distribution model:



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take a look here:

in chapter:

Distribution (ALE) of Specifications, Phrases, and Reports

Don't try to do it in a different way as recommended by SAP. ESTVA is only part of the "data structure" in EH&S. The content of ESTVA alone does make no sense. Keep in mind that SAP or non SAP system nees data based on Phrase IDOCs as well. It does note make sense to distribute the specification alone

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PS: Pay attention. Phrases can be distributed automatically in SAP standard (that means if phrase belonsg to phrase group X it will be distributed automatically if a new phrase group is generated related to phrase group X. The same is not ! true regardign specifications. There is no automatitic distribution provided inthe standard. New Specifications must be distributed to the target system manually. If you would need an automatic distribution: sorry: you need to do something by your own

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Quick correction regarding your 'PS', standard does support the transfer of new specifications and specification changes. a quick rundown of the most important points:

In the source system:

  • turn on change pointers (in SALE)
  • activate change pointers for SUBMAS (in SALE)
  • activate serialization for outbound SUBMAS (in SALE)
  • set the EH&S environment parameter ALE_SERIAL_ID to a numerical value (in IMG)
  • schedule a periodic batch job for program RBDMIDOC with an appropriate variant to build idocs from SUBMAS change pointers (15 minute interval seems to work well)
  • schedule a nightly job for program RBDCPCLR with an appropriate variant to clean up processed change pointers

In the target system:

  • activate serialization for inbound SUBMAS.

I think that's most of it.  The rest is standard ALE distribute/import/monitor jobs.

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Hi WolfDe,

Take a look to SUBMAS02 or SUBMAS01