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Identify list of UoM currently used by all EHS Reports

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Hi, SDN experts.

I am currently identify list of UoM used in all EHS Reports, so that this list can be sent for translation to multiple languages. The reason to obtain this list is to avoid sending the whole UoM list for all dimensions maintained in CUNI for translation service.

I am thinking to obtain this information via all Property trees --> Value Assignments used, or WWI templates that built to display all EHS reports.

Instead of checking each property tree--> value assignments and WWI templates used, I need some advise on how I can obtain UoM or the at least UoM dimensions used efficiently. 

Thanks for advises,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear KC,

not easy task. First you need to find/define: what is UOM related?

My first answer would be:

any data from composition and class/characteristic

Second: you can reduce the lsit of characteristic by those which are "regulatory list driven" pr phrase related, But even using this approach:there are a lot of characteristics to check; If you asume only numeric ones might have a "UOM" relation you can once again reduce the list,

So I am not sure how you would like to reduce the list. Using WWI (or e.g. ESTLS as the table) might be an option but I am not sure if this is effective.

So I am sorry. The best is really to check per class: which characteristic is present (one part of the work) and then analyze if a "UOM" related characteristic is involved. Then "write" down which UOMs exists and whcih conversion factors

Hope this helps.


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Thanks for advice. Let me start with class/characteristic. See what I can get.


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