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Identifier need to print through condition output ......

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Hi ,

I have query after long time, I tried maximum and need your expert advise .

I have an identifier which will print only when the particular phrase "XX" is exist in the characteristic of single value assignment instance .

Here I used conditional output but it is working if the valur assignment instance contain single phrase only  if multiple phrase it's not working .

So I took one method c14 stack top & push but in this case multiple phrases in single VAI it's working but if I remove Phrase "X" from particular VAI then also it is showing identifier in output.

Can anyone overcome this issue please let me know if any way to achieve this.



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Dear Satya

in some parallel thread we have seen that there are "limitations" for the "condition" part in SAP standard. I have added link in document to that thread if i remember correct.I found only: Wildcards allowed for conditional output? | SCN

but may be

could be of interest

The idea to use the "stack" is clear an interesting option.  But there seems to be "trouble" in some data situation.

Honestly: i never ever had the need to do it like you describe in your demand. Main interest in WWI development on my side is:

a.) either use "usage on identifier level to select "right" identfier

b.) use that in "combination" with an "ident listing"

As you may be knwo: we have this "trade secret" solution as well; but this wil not help in your sitution,

Your topic seems more "general". It seems to be (based on your feedback) that you can not use "conditions" if you have a characteristic which can have many values. Interesting. I would expect that it should work

I found this in online help:

"The system takes characteristics with multiple values into account only in comparisons of two characteristics, that is only when a symbol of a characteristic is entered as the comparison value. Only the operators Equal To (EQ) and Not Equal To (NE) are then possible here. If you enter a different operator, or if a comparison of a multiple-value characteristic is performed with a predefined value or a predefined string, this leads to an error in report generation."

I have highlighted the "important" part. (I am not sure abnout SAP explanation. Mjust both characteristic be of type "multiple" value? As a "work" aorund one could think of this solution: Just generate a new characteristic in same property; Maintain there the "critical" phrase and then you can compare the "relevant" characteristic to the new characteristic. It might work (bnut if you use SAP standard valeu assignemnt: any add of a customer spec characteristic is a "modification" and thsi approach is nnot recommended.

Further work around: just generate a "dummy" property having thscharacteristic. Maintain the the "phrase" and the compare characetristic one content (from property one) to characetristic two in secon proepty. Give this a try as this is more SAP standard (but clearly complex)

E.g. for maintenance of second property you could just use a "REAL_GRP"maintain there tzhe data once and "reference "to any relevant REAL_SUB.

If i read his: your demand is not supported in standard SAP.

so sorry:

As always: i am "pretty" sure that there is a solution; but using "own symbols" and programming


PS: please close your threads. There are still i believe roughly 5 threads open

PPS: can you please describ a little bit your "business demand" for such a solution?