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I am getting an error in report shipping in CVD1 transaction. Details are mentioned below.

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I am getting the below mentioned error in Report shipping.

"Report spec. 4***********8 gen. var. SDS_ES-PU lang. S: internal version not unique

System response:

System Response

A value file cannot be created for the final report. This means that the final report cannot be processed further and thus cannot be generated.


Inform your system administrator that this error occurred and that the designated correction program RC1_REPORT_DOUBLE_INTVERSION has to be started. You can restart the final report generation process only once the correction program has ended successfully.

Not sure how to go ahead for the above mentioned error. Please guide.

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Hello Devdatt,

you should run the Report RC1_REPORT_DOUBLE_INTVERSION to correct and eliminate duplicate internal version of the report as stated in the program documentation. I executed the report several times in our company. The error with duplicate internal versions in table ESTDH seem to occur when a report is generated several times on the same day.

Best regards,


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Hello Ute

"The error with duplicate internal versions in table ESTDH seem to occur when a report is generated several times on the same day." => in our system I have never seen similar behaviour (even the the repoer was generated often per day).

But ... we have "Change numbers" even on "report" level. I might imagine that then some issue might come up... but never seen. (and the errors which we can detect are because of "wrong" coding in some customer processes but not in SAP standard)

How do you check the result if report is used? Is the any "output" of the report (like. the following lines have bee adjusted in ESTDH...??) Never used the report


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Hello Christoph,

you can run the report RC1_REPORT_DOUBLE_INTVERSION in test modus to check the affected reports. It shows Subid, genvar., language, ESTDH-INTVERSION, version and ESTDH-RECN. INTVERSION is the same for several versions and that causes the error in report shipping process. The correction report changes the INTVERSION, means makes subsequent numbering and shows the result when executed in correction mode.

The Standard SAP Programm creating entries in ESTDH seems to have a problem when reports are generated several times in very short time (seconds, few minutes) for the same subid, genvar, language.

We don't use change numbers so maybe that the reason why it happens.

Best regards,