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How to setup Min and Max inventory alerts setup in SAP Business One 9.3 version for SAP HANA : PL14.

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Note: Very Urgent request - Please support me on this

Hello Friends! 

My last used version of SAP B1 is 9.1 PL05. After many years, now I got a chance to work with SAP B1 9.3 PL14 SAP HANA version. 

Scenario 1 :

I have done Min and Max Inventory setup for a particular item for a particular warehouse. And now I need this setup should restrict/alert  when user is committing more than Max inventory in Sales order and should restrict/alert when user is purchasing less than Min inventory in Purchase order. 

Scenario 2: 

I also created alternate items for the same items I setup Min and Max inventory. 

So, I also want to alert user with alternate item when it falls under min inventory while raising Sales Order to customer. 


I use to get this in my past but now I'm not able to get it in this version. 

can anyone help me how can I make above two scenarios successful ? 

SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA  SAP Business One 

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Hey Guys!

With all the research and testing I found a solution for my question by myself. Please refer below: 

0. We have to first setup ' Modules > Administration > System Initialization > Document Settings > Select Response to Release / Receipt of Inventory Outside Defined Range (Without Warning / Warning Only / Block release/receipt) (Always choose block option to restrict users) // and Select 'Block Neg.Inv. By' 

1 We can SETUP Min. and Max Inventory Levels at Modules > Inventory > Item Master Data > Inventory TAB > Min. / Max Inventory (can be setup) ( can also be setup Warehouse wise Min. / Max levels) 

2 Alternate Items: We can setup alternate Items at Modules > Inventory > Item Management > Alternate Items (Setup) 

Work Scenario as followed: 

- User can always choose the alternate item by right clicking on “Item Code” at row table level in any marketing document.




And whenever user tries to add any marketing documents, system will reflect as below cases :

Case 1: If Selected item in the document is falling below Min. Inv. Level

System Message: Quantity defined causes inventory to fall below defined minimum; in "Quantity", enter valid value.

Case 2: If the selected Item in the document is more than Min. Inv. level and causing -Ve inventory in WHS.

System Message: Quantity will cause negative inventory.

Case 1.1: If Selected item in the document is falling below Min. Inv. Level and still user proceed to add the document ?

System restriction-Error Message : Quantity falls below defined minimum inventory level.

This configuration can be setup to restrict or notify user when the Inv. Level is Min. or Max. of defined range in any marketing document. So, that user can be alert with ‘system message’ or be restricted with ‘System error’ and can choose alternate items defined for these items and can proceed with the document(Add, Update).

NOTE: We can always SETUP ALERT ' Modules > Administration > Alert Management (We can setup Alert by selecting the Query created by Email, INT, SMS - User Wise or User grouping Wise) 

Hope this info gives you some knowledge for you guys whoever looking at this thread. Thank you! 

Best Regards,

Raviteja Ganni | SAP Project Manager SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA SAP Business One SAP Business One Cloud, SAP-hosted option MM Inventory Management