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How to setup Min and Max inventory alerts setup in SAP Business One 9.3 version for SAP HANA : PL14.

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Note: Very Urgent request - Please support me on this

Hello Friends! 

My last used version of SAP B1 is 9.1 PL05. After many years, now I got a chance to work with SAP B1 9.3 PL14 SAP HANA version. 

Scenario 1 :

I have done Min and Max Inventory setup for a particular item for a particular warehouse. And now I need this setup should restrict/alert  when user is committing more than Max inventory in Sales order and should restrict/alert when user is purchasing less than Min inventory in Purchase order. 

Scenario 2: 

I also created alternate items for the same items I setup Min and Max inventory. 

So, I also want to alert user with alternate item when it falls under min inventory while raising Sales Order to customer. 


I use to get this in my past but now I'm not able to get it in this version. 

can anyone help me how can I make above two scenarios successful ? 

SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA  SAP Business One 

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By setting "Confirm Stock Limit Deviation" authorization, you can restrict the user by crossing the stock limits.

There is a system given alert called "Minimum Stock Deviation". You can explore that. 




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Hi Narayanis, Thanks for your prompt response. 

Could you please guide me how can I provide that authorizations? Because I'm a Super User with professional License. 

I even checked Administration> System Initialisation>Document Settings the setting for Response to release fo inventory below minimum level. This was setup to r "block release/receipt". 

I should get deviation alert even Im a super user correct ? 

Please suggest! Thank you