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How to report quantity in MII OEE using OEE service interface API

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Hi Experts,

I am trying to post quantity data (GOOD_QUANTITY) from MII transaction using OEE service interface action block. There is an OEE service called reportQuantity which I am using. The inputs that I am giving to the action block is -

  • Node ID (Node Id for a particular WorkCenter/Machine which I am getting from SAP ERP Master data)
  • Data Collection Element (GOOD_QUANTITY)
  • Plant
  • Client
  • Quantity
  • UOM
  • start time stamp (12-03-2016T17:55:00)

And also i tried using other OEE Service "reportotherDataCollection" and getting the same error.

I am getting an error while executing the transaction which says that "[INFO] [Tracer_0]Released demand for order 1001903 operation 0010 and work unit could not be found; check log for details"

Can anyone suggest why the order number here could not be found on this?

PS - The order is up and running in MII OEE.

Am I giving any wrong inputs or anything is missing?


Srikanth Tammina

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Dear Ankit / Srikanth,

Thanks for the suggestion. 🙂

I solved it, it is the problem of leading zeros. I padded the leading zeros for the Order number and the API (ResumeProductionRun) got executed without any error and changing the Order status to Active (from Hold).

Thanks & Regards,