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How to read historical data from opc ua or hda shop floor system in SAP DM ?

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please any one can guide me how to get a tag value at specific timestamp ?

The indicator in sap dm is mapped to a tag in a shop floor system of type opc ua or hda

For example, the operator runs a production process any time and we need the tag value at 7 AM to be used in other services in the production processes.

Thanks in advance

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello Mohamed,

to fetch a tag value at a specific time stamp you can leverage the timer in Manage Automatic Triggers as described in

With timer CRON feature you can run a production process at a certain point in time.

The production process you can set up to read the indicator tag value from the shop floor system and to persist the same as a local indicator leveraging the respective service to write local indicator.

You can then fetch the value at any time by any other production process using the service to read local indicator.

Best regards,