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How to put name of a document from a cfolder into the body of an email?

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We have implemented a generic object in cFolder for Transmittals using the cFolders Generic object functionality. Basically a transmittal is a document structure of documents stored in cFolders along with metadata information. In a single folder there can be multiple transmittals.

We have a requirement that upon creating a notification for a transmittal object , the document structure contained in the transmittal should be captured in the body of the notification email generated as a list of documents. This is for audit purposes where there is requirement to maintain an email record of which documents were sent along with time and date details.

We are trying to achieve through an enhancement point in the method SEND_NOTIFICATION_EMAIL of class CL_CFX_NOTIFICATION. The issue is that although we can identify the transmittal we cannot read the names of the documents contained in that transmittal in order to put them in the body of the email. We tried the various available function modules such as CFX_API_DOC_GEN_OBJECT_READ, CFX_API_DOC_VERSION_GETDETAIL, etc. Are there any additional function modules available to read the contents of generic objects or any other method to get this information?



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Hi All,

I'm too late here but I had the same problem and solved it using standard new BADI implementation



There you have the option to change the content of the email using your own logic based on the inbound GUID parameter.

Best regards

Sebastian Garofalo