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How to paste Multiple Material ( 100 to 999) in work order component tab

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Dear Experts

I have below requirements please help.

1) In work order component tab need to paste the line item 100 to 999 in one time. ( copy from Excel )

currently its allowing 20 line item one time

2) In component tab I can reserve 999 line item ( start from 0010 to 9990) , how I can increase 9999.

Thank you in advance



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Answers (1)

Active Contributor

1- Write a simple lsmw and upload your component data from Excel.

2-limit is 9999. It is due to the constraint of RESB table. When a production order/maintenance order is created, a reservation is generated for the components. They are aligned in the RESB-RSPOS field, which is 4 -digit. That limits the maximum number to 9999. When more components are added, the error message CO 889 is generated and processing is terminated.

Please consult OSS note 131904:

A maximum of 9999 components can be assigned to every network, production order or maintenance order. This is due to the key in the RESB table which consists of the reservation number RSNUM valid for the entire network or order, and the four-digit numerator RSPOS.

Up to now, counting was continued at 0000 when RSPOS 9999 was reached. As a result, already existing RESB records were overwritten as of counter reading 0001.

The MODIFICATION mentioned below makes it possible to use the maximum number of 9999 possible components per network, production order or maintenance order. When the 10000th component is reached, the system terminates processing with the termination message CO 889 informing you that the maximum number of components had been reached.