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How to hide date of birth in Person tab of incident

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When we add an internal employee to an incident, the date of birth is automatically displayed. Worried about GDPR, we would like to remove this field.

In field control, the only reference to Date of Birth appears in EHHSS_INCIDENT / PERSON_DETAIL / IS_COMPANY / DATE_OF_BIRTH, where the options are ENABLED, READ ONLY and MANDATORY.

In our sandbox system, I have removed this entry, but the DoB is still shown. Does anyone know how I can achieve the desired result?

Also (if you can answer that, maybe you can answer this!) I need to make the LOCATION field mandatory on the incident, but cannot find this anywhere the standard field control...

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Dear Alan,

you're on the right track. Field Control is the way to go here. From a design point of view, no field control entry means that a field is enabled, not mandatory, and editable.

For your requirements:

  • Date of Birth: Add the entry again and un-check the enabled flag
  • Location: Go to EHHSS_INCIDENT (business object), BASIC_INFO_ALL (node) and create a new profile or reuse an existing one. Add the field LOC_ROOT_KEY_REF and mark it as mandatory.

With kind regards,


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Hi Michael,

Putting the entry back in still leaves the DoB showing - I suspect other forces at work here!

However, our S&A guru has a solution, the authorisation object EHHSS_INC6, field name ACCESS_LEV, has a value of 004 which controls access to the date of birth. Removing the tick here prevents users from seeing DoB. This is actually a better solution, as it means we can allow senior incident investigators to see this data, while restricting "Joe Public".

Thanks for the tip on making the Location mandatory - that works prefectly!