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How to find hazard inducers used in materials

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Dear Experts,

If list of 2000 materials given by client and we need find respective hazard inducers for them. I tried using DGTMD  and DGTM2, however in these tables this information is not available. Could you please suggest the method of finding the same or is there any table which can be used?


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Dear Devdatt

you need first to understand the business need of a "Hazard inducer". E.g. if oyu have a DG record for IATA or ADR for IATA may be you have a "Hazard inducer" but for ADR not; so I am not sure what answer you would like to get.

If you use "filling" then the Hazard inducer is maintained normally on REAL_SUB level in property "Hazard Inducer". Here no standard search exit is delivered by SAP; but you can genereate a "search" user exit so that you could answer the question like "Where used".

I am sorry to say that as well there is no suitabel "output variant" available. But you could as well generate/prepare one. Then you could generate a hit list in CG02 use the output variant and you get a "mass" download of the "hazard induceer" if they are maintained; only con: the download is "REAL_SUB" related and not material related.

What is the business need of your question?


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Hello Devdatt,

As CB stated above Hazard Inducer are Regulation specific but I was wondering if you would have created DG master using DG fill than this should be part of your DG master too which are material specific other wise write a Query in SQVI to pull the data from Real_sub.

As normal business process hazard inducer are mentioned on Real_sub or DG_CL_sub ( based on data model) and than should be transferred to DG master at time of filling.

Hope this helps.

Gopi Dadheech