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How to distribute ECTR config files needed before logon?

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Hello experts,

I've read the blog entry explaining the backend configuration:

Under "3 - Boundary Conditions" it is noted that the backend config cannot be used for files needed before logon. However, also these files need to be distributed during installation and in case of changes. As PLM_INSTDIR is in the Programs (X64) directory per default, most users will not have write authorizations there.

Is there a proper way to achieve distribution of plm_initialize.bat, saplogon.txt and others?

Thanks in advance for your replies.

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Hello Mr. Henkel,

saplogon.txt should not be necessary to be changed, as you can also use the "landscape.xml" from SAP GUI. See also SCN wiki.

When you install ECTR the very first time, you also need to have admin-rights to copy files under "c:\programs(x86)\...". You can during that initial deployment then also deploy the adjusted files.

The initial installation can also be adjusted with the help of the installation server / SAP Setup, see SCN Wiki.

Hope this helps.


Gerhard Himmelsbach