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How many types of SDS we have with standard SAP?

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I want to know how many types of SDS it have with standard SAP, GHS & OHSA SDS same or different. What about REACh SDS is it come with standard or we have to customize?

My client need REACh SDS & OHSA,GHS Can we map both GHS & OHSA in same property tree??



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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your questions are may be a little bit "misleading"


"I want to know how many types of SDS it have with standard SAP, GHS & OHSA SDS same or different"

From SAP point of view. answer is "zero". You don't get any SDS layout delivered from SAP (only if you buy contetn !).  And the number of SDS you get is defined by you (and not by SAP; only if you buy content: then story is different) (if we specify that the "generation variant" is the "leading" factor for report generation)

Same for: What about REACh SDS is it come with standard or we have to customize?

You don't get "SDS"  from SAP (only if you buy content !)

But focusing on your last topic

"My client need REACh SDS & OHSA,GHS Can we map both GHS & OHSA in same property tree??"

This is what I understand:

SAP delivers "default customizing" of many kind. You can us this to extend the solution to e.g. create a "SDS" (WWI layout etc).  One important piece of delivery is the "STANDARD" property tree

You need to differentiate now "legislation" (e.g. GHS, REACH, OSHA) and property tree (and later document generation etc.)

To make it simple. you can use the STANDARD tree to support:




and many other regulations. Check e.g.

Your SAP philosophy (to use the STANDARD tree) depends on mainly these two factors:

a.) are you buying content from SAP (or from a different provider)?

b.) do you make sure that any property tree update (which is done via implementation of a SP)  is implemented?

In context of: "Can we map both GHS & OHSA in same property tree?" My answer is: yes: you can use STANDARD tree; but in most cases you create "document" special driven trees to make maintenance "easier".

The "REACH" data model in STANDARD tree is the "most" complex one (because of the "special" approach to generate the "annex". If you have here no experience: don't try to do it on your own. The data model and the corresponding WWI layout are not easy to understand


PS: any "regulation" trend is supported e.g. if you buy content from SAP. To my knowlegde: you are right. The "old" OSHA" rules are now getting "GHS" rules

But still the tree you have shown support the many demends from outside to e.g. a chemical company

PPS: some "kind" of similar discussion can be found e.g. here:

Last PPS:

Are OSHA and GHS the same? answer: No ! GHS is not "GHS" any country does have their "own" GHS. You can not compare "OSHA to "GHS".

First you need to look for: who is acting (which authority in which country)? Which rule is "written"? GHS (and OSHA) are "big" terms. If you write them down normally more than one regulation need to be considered..

One important question you have not addressed (or asked): is customer maintaining the needed phrases by himself (or is he buying content)?

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Answers (4)

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Hello Satya,

If you install the local WWI you find in the folder "...\wwi\layout\"  example templates including an MSDS (expl_sdb.doc) as well as the Annex for the eSDS.

Please keep in mind:

These are just examples - and therefore do not cover current regulatory requirements!

Kind Regards


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Hi Satya,

as Christoph explained, standard EH&S does not deliver any SDS templates. Regarding the property trees, you can define them any way you like, they are not directly connected to the templates. SERC (SAP content) comes with about 15 different templates (I think, could be more) that cover the whole world. You may need all of these or less, depending on your customer's needs. This all needs to be analyzed else no concrete answer is possible.


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Hi George,

The thing is we can customize reach property tree according clent requirement what i required is it will come with standard SAP.

Can we use the below tree for REACh which will comes with standard property tree.

Can you elaborate on OSHA & GHS both are same or we to create diff as i heard that OSHA also adopt GHS so we can use OSHA SDS for requirement

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if you install "from scratch" an EHS system and you have adopted all of the required customizing you should "find" a "STANDARD" and an "OBSOLETE" property tree in your system. Because of historical reasons:

The "properties" (value assignment types) are "grouped" in the STANDARD tree, Using your screenshot:

1.) you have a group of properties refering to the topic "Regulations"

2.) to the topic "IUCLID Properties"

3.) etc.

PAY ATTENTION: this structure is not stable ! if you check history you will find clearly less/other "nodes" and less/other properties.

But as explained i a different thread: this "STANDARD" tree is "developped" by SAP in close cooperation with chemical industry and is "state of the art" for EHS, Normally roughly twice a year you will get an update of this tree (how you get this depends or your legal alignment with SAP. If you "buy" content you will get per "update" always the most recent tree. If you don't buy this then the only option to get the most recent version is: you must implement the most curretn/recent SP (as valid for your system) and then you need to apply the "standard" approach to "transport" the new tree to productive system. There is one major OSS note available regarding the process (how to do it. So please check SAP marketplace: Note is: "Delivery of Enhancements to the EH&S Property Tree STANDARD" (having number 1761696).

But this tree is only a "proposal" of "data container structures" to be used as "Best Practise"

It is clear: any update of the tree will require as well "on top" actions (e.g. generation of new report symbols etc.).; you must check for "phrase based" characteristics (and create the phrase sets)

Coming back to:

"The thing is we can customize reach property tree according clent requirement what i required is it will come with standard SAP."

you can clearly "custoimize" your own trees (based on what SAP delivers) and this is as well "Best practise"  (but in many cases it is done customer specific). As an example:

You can create a tree called may be "Z_REACH", or "Z_OSHA" etc. combining any properties to be used in "REAch" or "OSHA" process.


PS: SAP provides this "docu":

The property tree offers a structured display of all the value assignment types that you can edit in the value assignment of specifications.

But they do not specify "which" property tree should be used/prepared ETC:


could be therefore of interest

E.g. as well: EHS - property tree | SCN

property tree in specifications - add new node ... | SCN

Problem with Property Tree Value Assignments - ... | SCN

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Hello Satya,

I am not sure if the SPRC suite comes with Reach property tree specifically. But in general there will be a Annex chapter apart from 16 chapters in standard property tree. Also if you have a standard property tree which you want to customize for REAC h  you may need to add extra Class and characteristics for Reach( PBT,BEI etc, I cant remember now all properties).Also the SDS you need to add annex and make it as the eSDS( extended SDS).

When you say property tree, you can either configure all VAT's in same property tree and control them using the usage and authorization( Validity area and rating). If you are using different specification category/type then you can assign the same in customizing for that property tree.

Hope it helps.