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Highlight colors in embedded viewer via SDK

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Right now in our solution when we select a node in our NodesSelectedEvent we are looking to keep highlighting all the children of a given node.  This works just fine on our end, however we don’t have the ability to change the highlight color of the children much in the way SelectionHighlightColor does for the selected node.  I’m not seeing anything in the documentation that indicates this is existing functionality but I wanted to confirm that this indeed does not exist.  If it doesn’t is it possible we can have access in the future to this type of functionality?  Thanks!

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Hi Bill

There is no current API to set the childrens highlight colour. In the context menu, Viewer > Settings there is a configurable highlight colour for selections and children. An option is the ability to colour nodes using the Paint call.

Do I understand correctly that the select including the children of the selected node is working well however you only want an API exposed so that the child highlight colour can be set?

Primary selection highlighting. This type is our current way to highlight selected objects in the viewport.

Child highlighting. We have a separate color to highlight children of selected objects to distinguish them from directly selected objects. (If a child of a selected parent is itself directly selected then ‘Selection highlighting’ is applied to the child, see p.2 below.)

User-defined highlighting. This type is used when users specify colors for highlighting objects in tool like QueryUI, StepView Highlighting, Analytics, etc.

2. If several types of highlighting are applicable to an object then the color of highlighting type with higher priority will be used. e.g. a user highlighted an object with orange color by running a query and then selected it in the scene tree or viewport, the object is highlighted with red color because primary selection highlighting overrides user-defined highlighting.



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Hi Paul,

One of our methods, in an object selectable free-play file, is to give the end user the option to select either individual parts or a "scene tree single folder" assembly via a toggled menu selection mode button. This has worked well with the 7.0 SDK with selecting all of the 'scene tree folder' assembly which included all if the individual child parts of the selected assembly. Our prerequisite was to instruct the end user to change the child color to red, to match the selected object color in the preferences options directly in the VE Viewer 7.0 before opening the 7.0 SDK based user interface. This preference carried through to the embedded VE viewer in the 7.0 SDK based user interface. With the 8.0 SDK, the child color preferences do not carry over into the embedded VE Viewer 8.0 in the 8.0 SDK based user interface. Is there a method we can use to ensure these color choice preferences carry into the embedded 8.0 VE Viewer in the 8.0 SDK based user interface as in 7.0?

Legacy compatibility with ongoing projects is of particular importance to ourselves and to our customers. If this is possible, please let us know. I'm the lead VE Author production on this project, however, I'm not the lead 8.0 SDK and VE Viewer implementing software engineer, who may have some additional questions/postings shortly.

If this has already been explained in your previous post, my thanks.

Best regards,