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Health Center Creation and it's assigning

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where can i configure Health center in the system?
and how can i assign this is to plant and work areas?

what is the difference between work areas and patten? how can i assign these workareas to one pattern?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Jayanthi,

Health center is not a configuration . these are Business Partners (Master Data).

You can create using the transaction EHSBP31. No Assignment required to plants and Work Areas.

for your second question:

Patttern also type of work area, where we can maintain standardized exposure profile and risk assessments for certain activities/ jobs.

Patterns can be assigned to work areas - Edit Work Area - Go to - Pattern Assignment.

or else you can assign work area to Pattern - Edit Pattern - Go to  - Work Area Assignment.

I hope answered to your question.



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