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Hazardous Substance Management

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Dear all experts,

I don't have any experience in Hazardous Substance Management . Pls.any body can u help me how to implement the HSM and how to follow ti filling ..pls can u provide any documents also with ur pleasure....

Thank am waiting for ur reply....



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Are you also looking for info on SAP BI content. If so, let me know and I can share some info...



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Hi Suresh,

Share your mail id .


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Hi Edward,

Can you please share your e-mail id.

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Hi Suresh

Hazardous substance Management is components which helps the organisations who are using Hazardous substances in their process , because they need to protect the environment and their employees whose directly handling these process and at the same time you need to comply the regulations like in US for submitting SARA reports to the regulatory bodies regarding u r usage and measures.

HSM Master Record Filling Procedure

1) Create the specification for Hazardous substance in specification management and assign the specification to material.

2) Select the master filling option from HSM  Field in Logistics and a selection screen allows you to use various parameters to define, for example, which specifications and materials are to be used for filling and for which countries and regions hazardous substance master records are to be created. If you enter more than one selection parameter, they are logically linked with AND, that means all parameters entered must be fulfilled for the data to be used for filling.

3) If it the first time of Filling in case you are set up the new ware house for organisation you perform a complete filling, which means you do not specify any selection criteria for filling. By specifying selection criteria, you can create specific hazardous substance master records

And one more  feature in this component is  if any updations in the regulations , you can update you HSM records , you can schedule the periodical updates for HSM  by Scheduling "Delta fillings"

On the selection screen for filling, the "Fill Changed Objects Only indicator" is also available.

If you set this indicator and you have activated change pointer evaluation for the message type HAZARDOUSSUBSTANCE in Customizing for ALE.the system performs a delta filling. That means it determines the specifications that were created or changed since the last delta filling and uses their data only for filling. This means you can update the data in the hazardous substance master without having to perform a complete filling again. After updating the hazardous substance master, the system enters the date and time of the update in the environment parameters HSM_FILL_LAST_DATE and HSM_FILL_LAST_TIME.

In the next delta filling it uses the data from the specifications that were created or changed from this date and time onward. If you set the Fill Changed Objects Only indicator, the system takes no other selection parameters into account and removes any entries from the selection screen.

If you schedule the filling report program to run periodically (HS_FILL), you can ensure that the hazardous substance master is updated regularly. With the scheduled update of the hazardous substance master, the system uses only the data from new and changed specifications for filling, as with the Fill Changed Objects Only indicator, and you cannot enter any other selection parameters. If you want to periodically perform a complete filling or a filling with specific parameters selected, you can set this up by creating and scheduling a variant of the report program. As with a manual filling, you can also not set the Fill Changed Objects Only indicator and simultaneously enter parameters in the variant.

Pl.go through Hazardeous substance management in for integration details like PS, IH & BDT to know how the data will be transferring from other components.


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Dear Suresh

Hazardous Substance Management is used e.g in WM and eWM process. 

Depending on your SPA Aset up may be after filling you need to distrbute the "Hazardous Substance Management ". Check please customizing of EHS. You wil get some "tipps" about filling etc.

SAP help is together with customzing "good" enough to understand the topic. I am not sure if set up is part of "Best practise" as mentioned often here. May be check as well.