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Hazardous substance management

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what are the configuration settings to be done for hazardous substance management

i want the process flow in HSM



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Hi Raj,

You must have installed the following components of the SAP component Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) to be able to use all functions of Hazardous Substance Management:

Basic Data and Tools (EHS-BD)

Product Safety (EHS-SAF)

Industrial Hygiene and Safety (EHS-IHS)

Filling of the Hazardous Substance Master Use: With this function, the system creates hazardous substance master records in the hazardous substance master from the data in specification management.

In manual filling, a selection screen allows you to use various parameters to define, for example, which specifications and materials are to be used for filling and for which countries and regions hazardous substance master records are to be created. If you enter more than one selection parameter, they are logically linked with AND, that means all parameters entered must be fulfilled for the data to be used for filling.

When you fill the hazardous substance master for the first time, you perform a complete filling, which means you do not specify any selection criteria for filling. By specifying selection criteria, you can create specific hazardous substance master records, for example, in the following cases:

· You have set up a new warehouse and therefore a new warehouse management system, and you want to create hazardous substance master records for the country or region of the new warehouse only.

· Owing to a legal change in a country, you must change large amounts of hazardous substance data in specification management and you want to create new hazardous substance master records for this country.

As required Process Flow is as follows,

1.The system checks whether you have authorization to fill hazardous substance master data, that is, whether you have authorization to display, create, change, and delete hazardous substance master data

2.The system reads the data from Customizing, for example, the countries and regions of the hazardous substance warehouses and the values of the environment parameters.

3.The system determines the relevant hazardous substance specifications and materials

4.From the materials found, the system removes all those that are not relevant for hazardous substances

5.The system determines the specifications that are assigned to the remaining materials

6.The system checks whether you are authorized to read the specification data for the remaining specifications

7.The system creates the hazardous substance master records for each remaining material

8.The system determines the required specification data for each of these hazardous substance master records from the specification assigned to the material.

9.For each value assignment type, the system determines the data that is relevant for the hazardous substance master record from the data

10. The system creates the hazardous substance master records based on the data determined or changes existing hazardous substance master records