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GLM WWI and DataMatrix Barcodes

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I currently have a macro called out in our WWI.ini file to encode our linear bar codes and adjust the font. I am trying to do the same with 2D data matrix bar codes.

The new macro works perfectly outside of our GLM environment in Word. When going through the WWI server all of the line breaks disappear which creates one long string of the bar code font.

Page breaks showing in word:

Output on report:

The encoded data is correct. It is just removing the line breaks. Word settings seem to match between client and server.

Does anyone know what in the WWI process would prevent the line breaks from the macro?

Thank you.

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Dear Brian

it is not easy to help you if you have prepared your own "macro" and "embedded" this in WWI.ini. BUt it is possible to use some assumptions

a.) you have only "Word" and the macro => it works (as shown by you)

b.) you have "WWI" and the macro => it does not work

=> is the effect the same wth "report from template" and "Generate report" and in "GLM" print transaction?? (The macro must be there opn any client, gen server, dev, qual, prod etc. system...

According to my experience: it is quite tricky in standard WWI (not looking on bar codes) to handle "line breaks", etc. properly. It is quiet easy to "embed" such "errors" in WWI layout. Quite often so called "hidden" formatting arguments (as part of the WWI) can "disrupt" the look and feel of your final WWI document

This is now my assumption: you use a "own developped" report symbol to handle the "Bar code". But there i as "good" chance that such "hidden" (either before or after your own report symbol) formatting delete your final results.

I am sorry so say. Never had a similar demand. What i can explain: e.g. in the past many persons tried to use "water mark" like report symhols (with some difficulties). in most case: person was either not experienced in using "WinWord" or experience in using "WinWord" in combination with "WWI"

The macro might be a challenge as well in combination with the "Word" used and the "WWI" in place (patch level).

Therefore. may be show your WWI layout part (including hidden text elements)

Check as well the "Val" file and the "WWI" file. I assume. In VAL file: you get what you need.