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GLM Scenario

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Hi All,

This question is for all the SAP GLM experts out there. In GLM we have created a several regulatory labels that are using GHS classification. When the product classification changes new versions of MSDS reports are generated by the product safety team, while doing that they review all the sections and make sure the contents are correct and then release the new version of MSDS. But the label content take into effect immediately, ie new GHS classification created by expert rule gets displayed in the labels as we do not release a label report. This may cause an issue as content not yet reviewed by the product safety team may get displayed on the labels. Have anyone of you come across this scenario and what solution have you implemented. Please let me know. Thanks.



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Dear Navaneeth,

You need to change the configuration of GLM in order to overcome this issue.

In SPRO, in Specify Labeling Scenarios, changed the config to "Report Body" for StCheckMod column.



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Dear Navaneeth

in most cases expert rules write active data record. There is only one additional chance to get this solved: you need to write "inactive". In this case the user does has "time" to make the review and the he/she can activate the data record so that it can be used by MSDS or Lable at the same time.

I am not sure if "Expert Server  Rules" does have support to "write" inactive data records.