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Getting list of specification and associated materials assigned to specification

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Hi All,

I am looking at getting a output of all the specification and the material associated with the specification.

I tried to join table ESTMJ and EHTRH to do this but this somehow doesn't get the desired output.

Any help on this would be highly appreciated.

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Answers (2)

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Not sure what you mean by not desired output. Too many lines, or not displaying the expected result. Are you using CG02 search or using ABAP/SAP query? Think you already inner join the RECN column for the two tables.

Maybe you need also to check if you filter out those marked deleted.

Please try to add the delete indicator in your query, and only show those not marked as "X".

Hope this can help.

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Hi John,

I am using SAP query and joining table ESTRH and ESTMJ.

I tried using delete indicator as you said but when i execute the query, it says "No data was selected"

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Dear D.M

SAP standard queries is the "right" way to do that for such a simple query. But you need to understand data model. In Table ESTRH and ESTMJ you have "del" flag. This must be "empty". As mentioned above: relation is done via RECNROOT. That means in moste case you have 1:M (M > 1) relationship.

May by try it frist step by step using two sessions and se16. One with ESTRh and second with ESTMJ

Use one spec in ESTRH; check RECNROOT of entry and the use this value for ESTMJ (same file din table. If in CG02 you have e.g 1:5 relationship you should the same result here.


PS: check as well:

tables for VAT Characteristics, ESTVA | ABAP, SAP, benX...

[Solved] Issue with DG filling

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Hello DM,

Please join Field RECN Root instead of RECN, this will give you desired result. You may not need any other join such as ACTN you can avoid that.


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Tried that. Still says No data was selected

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Hello DM,

Try following -

Go to table  ESTMJ - Enter Material number (which you looking Specification Number) - Execute -

Copy the RECN ROOT number (from Result)

Go to table ESTRH- Enter RECNROOT number under Field RECN ROOT-  execute and get the sub ID

If this process works than try in your query Joining RECNROOT for both tables and than if you still have issue than it may be missing authorization please check

Hope this helps.