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FM for Specification where used search

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          We have a requirement to find the list of where used specifications same as what we do in CG02.  But along with this we also have to display a lot other fields as per client's reuirement. Hence we have to develop a custom report for the same. We have tried the table logic i.e. ESTRH, ESTVH, ESTVA and ESTVP. But since we have no primary key with us it takes a lot of time to gather data. Also we have tried secondary index but to no vail.

Can anyone help us with any standard FM that you have come across for specification where used. Kindly help me with the same.



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Dear Rohan

may be check as well:

Topic is mentioned there as well.

The "issue" with your demand is the "detail". E.g.

a.) should your solutionby used by end users regularly?

b.) what data do you woiuld like to retrieve if you have collected the relevant specifications?

c.) can you ignore topic of "access rights" for your inquiry?

d.) How many specifciaiotns would be "found" and how many data do you would like to show?


Yes CG02 is not "fast"; but e.g. if you have the hit list you can use easily outptu  variant like "Valuation", "EXCEL" and others to extract data.

Clearly you can "reprogram" the existing APIs; BAPIs ignoring access rights... But then you develop completly customer driven report.

Second: as mentioned in the thread which is referred here:

a.) we have compositions

b.) spec listings

c.) referencing

d.) inheritance

e.) and e.g.hazard inducer use

of specifications in context of "Where used list"; in most cases business is only interested to do the "where used list" inquiry for specific VATs. Keep in mind that if you usecustomer specific solution you need to take care about changes with key date etc. (which gives rise to additional data in database)

Conclusion: depending on the "real" demand e.g. extraction of data to SAP BW might be an option;

In context of other threads: There are now new options available using SAP HANA. This might be an option as well. C.B.

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Hi Christoph,

                         Thank you for your kind reply. Well as you mentioned business is only interested to do the "where used list" inquiry for specific VATs is exactly the case with me. We are asked to look into one VAT i.e. exact composition and apart from that we need to show case few other fields which needs to come in from AUSP.

Nevertheless while having a look at few FM's I found one which suits the purpose of where used component from a particular VAT. The name of the FM is C1F2_SUBSTANCES_FIND_BY_CMPNT. This one has sufficed my purpose for the requirement.

Thanks once again. Appreciate your response.



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Hi Rohan,

Please check below thread link might be useful.

Thanks & Regards,