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Filter by inspection type the result of BAPI_INSPLOT_GETLIST

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Dear all,

I have an MII transaction that is used to select the list of SAP QM inspection lots for a specific material, plant and period of time. Later on other transactions are reporting the inspection results of the selected inspection lots.

I have the problem now that i should filter this list of inspection lots through the inspection type for selecting specific ones. Do you know if i can filter directly through this BAPI, or i should use a different one?

I'm using MII 11.5 and SAP ERP 6.0.

Thanks in advance for the help

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Just modify your current transaction which will get a list of SAP QM insp lots at one step, then in next step use an Action block called Generic & Sort Filter which will filter all those insp lots with ur desired insp type by mapping the insp type value with filtervalue property of that action in the Link Editor



Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Hello Adarsh,

I have followed your suggestion of using BAPI_INSPLOT_GETDETAIL, filtering through the inspection type. The application is running fine now.

Thanks all for you help

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I don't think we can filter by Inspection Lot Type in BAPI_INSPLOT_GETLIST,

I would try below options,

Option 1:

You can filter via BAPI_INSPLOT_GETDETAIL that is First pass the Insp Lot number to Detail retrieve the Details and then go for filtering as suggested by SOM


Use "RFC_READ_TABLE" and pass the relevant QM Table name or View name to RFC and fetch the desired results


Write Custom RFC (z-rfc)

Hope this helps!!



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Hi Som,

Sorry, I think my question was not clear enough. The problem is not in the MII side. The problem is more in the BAPI side. I'm not in the BAPI_INSPLOT_GetDetail, the one currently used, is providing me the inspection type as field (in the documentation i have revised so far i haven't found the field). If this is the case, what other BAPI is available for checking the inspection type of an specific inspection lot?

I hope that this is more clear now.

Thanks anyway for your help and regards,

Jose Luis