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Filling of Hazardous substance master

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Hello experts,

I need a help in hazardous substance filling scenario.

Maintained the hazard ratings for Haz substance master with the required data. Now started filling data for H phrases.

The value assignment( SAP_EHS_1023_089) maintained with usage for required countries and ratings. The required phrases are assigned.

1.I have created priority of filling of ratings and validity areas for fill

1. I have created text types

2.Done the CGAB assignment

3. Assign source object to target object done( But without a country)

The issue is i have to fill H phrases for example all countries ,hence left the country in Assign source object to target object as blank.

Is it mandatory to enter the country here? If so how do i do it for all countries( as i have only one country which can be selected).

Your help would be highly appreciated.

Best regards


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Product and Topic Expert
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Hi George,

you have to assign a country. Storage requirements are usually country-specific, like ICPE is only valid in France, so this is a mandatory field.