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Executing rework process in manufacturing with operation set

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could you please support me in the following case:

Let say i have 3 operations

0010, 0020,0030.. In the operation one I confirm 80pcs yield and 20 pcs rework. In this case with partially confirmation the trigger point gets activitated with an operation set of one rework operation with op. number 0011.

now when i release operation number 0011 and I click on actual data, it displays only the 80 pcs. Let say that i rework that quantity (it is now yield) and confirm the 80 pcs. So my question is, whould i confirm something again in the previous operation? and in the proceeding operation 0020, by confirmation, i only get 80 pcs displayed after clicking on actual data.. so what is the best procedure here for operation set!

I had a look on different blogs, but dont find this specific question. I will appreciate if you could support me in this specific question.

thank you!!

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